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MasterFood specializes in importing high quality meat products, primarily from South American countries that are well known for their superb cattle, such as Argentina and Uruguay. In recent years, MasterFood expanded its meat production operation to Europe as well. 

The Company’s partners in cattle production are global market leaders in the field who maintain strict regulation of their products and comply with the highest international quality standards. Our long-lasting relationships with leading producers enable us to maintain consistency in quality as well as availability.

Imported Fish

  • Imported Fish

Imported Fish

MasterFood is among Israel’s leading fish importers. The Company imports a wide variety of fish from all over the globe through dozens of weekly shipments via air, land and sea.

Our variety of imported fish includes Salmon, Tuna, Trout, European Seabass, Hake, Dover Sole, Plaice, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Nile Perch, Yellowtail, St. Peter’s fish and others.

In recent years, MasterFood began importing a wide variety of high-quality fresh fish from Norway, Cyprus, Turkey, The Netherlands and several African countries.

MasterFood meets all of the Ministries of Health and Ministry of Agriculture’s regulatory requirements throughout the import, cooling and distribution processes.

Local Fish

  • Local Fish

Local Fish

MasterFood has long term breeding agreements with a variety of local growers specializing in farming fish such as Israeli Tilapia, Grey Mullet, Striped Seabass and Carp.

The fish arrive from the ponds straight into MasterFood’s processing plants in Maanit and Geva. Both facilities comply with strict HACCP standards.

Sales and Distribution

  • Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution

MasterFood distributes its products to over 300 points of sale each day.  

Our sales team is comprised of experienced, dedicated field sales personnel as well as a telephone sales team and is available to our customers around the clock.  

Our nationwide distribution network relies on 24 state of the art cooling vehicles equipped with highly advanced control systems, enabling strict quality control.

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